Extraordinary core team & creative minimalism lovers

Our Founding Core

To amalgamate textile and technology into intelligent product that can sense, actuate, analyse data and connect with other devices
To become leading Ultra smart clothing brand for enchanted world.
We dream to create a world where people fluently interact with there apparel to achieve new heights.

Our Creative Minds

Meet The Team!

7 years of experience in electronic textile with a demonstrated history of working in the textiles industry. At Nyokas as Network-development, feasibility-study, material-selection, product-design and proof of concept development.

Ajay Sangwan
Textile Engineer

Rohit is an engineer with demonstrated 3 year history of entrepreneurship in starting with college time founded Rovik Innovations making gesture controlled ring.A Bosch Scholar of Bosch DNA challenge.His core Skills in Backend Development with Python-Django.

Rohit T
Web Engineer

Vivek-Jose is an electronics engineer with 3 year experience in development of hardware PCBs, embedded systems and IOT Devices. One of the early developer of smart gesture control ring at ROVIK innovations. A Bosch Scholar of Bosch DNA challenge.

Vivek Jose
Hardware Engineer

4 year of management experience in industries like home furnishing, food and event management. Strong entrepreneurship with 2 successful food restaurant industry start-up.

Piyush Chandra
Marketing Engineer

Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures, an SEBI approved venture fund under AIF-I Category. Prior to setting up the Fund, he was heading operations at Mumbai Angels and Bangalore Angels, leading Angel Investment forums in India as President.

Anil Joshi