Ultra Smart Textile For Women Safety

Those in position power cannot be trusted to not infringe upon the rights of ordinary citizens

Thomas Jefferson
It is very hard to argue with the point Mr. Jefferson once made. Self preservation is a living being's first instinct in a hazardous and hostile envirnoment.Its in-build, elemental and reflexive! Every creature augments its physical capability by different methods, when faced with danger.
A squid squirts ink on its enemies, a lizard changes colors and hides, the eel gives out mild electric shocks.It is really a pity that we, despite all our technical bravados and posturings have not devised innovative solutions for self-defense like simple animals. We strive to change that by our offering
ZEAL- A wearable jacket for the sole purpose of self-protection in case of an unwanted assault or a life threatening situation.If you ask us, ZEAL is simply a PROTECTIVE GEAR. You wear a protective gear in a chemical factory, or in a fire or any toxic environment, don’t you! Well we have for you, A protective gear which you can wear day in day out.
While the electric shock functionality gives you immediate protection, the connectivity function gets you the eventual help.We are also planning to create an area-wise connectivity system which will alert the phones with the app in nearby areas of wearer’s location.
It is not just about safety. It is about self-augmentation. When faced with a danger a person has three choices:- Fight back, Get Help, Or distract the preparator enough to run. ZEAL helps with all three. It is safe, reliable, easy to carry around and equipped with the best contemporary technology has to offer.
The jacket is a three layered structure; the fabric, the lining and embedded soft sensors in between. The sensors detects any assaulting or unusual force applied on the body of the wearer. If someone grabs you, attacks or is trying to pin you, the pressure activated sensor will detect it and will ascertain the danger.
DATA ANALYSIS- A detachable hardware part receives the data from the sensors and analyzes it to ascertain the danger. The analysis is done on several parameters (by microprocessor), to ensure that the danger is real, so that the jacket does not activate itself with false alarms.
CONNECTIVITY- The most important attribute of ZEAL is that the technology inducted in it allows it connectivity with your electronic devices through an app. As soon as it detects activity, it sends out SOS messages with your location to various numbers and helplines through your phone to alert them of your situation.
Put on the jacket. The hardware piece of the jacket is detachable and that is what activates the device. You can just connect it to the jacket whenever you want and press the start button.
The start button puts the jacket in a standby mode. When activated by a threat it will analyze the threat and act accordingly.
How safe is it? As we have mentioned, the jacket is a protective gear not some kind of fighting tool. It is completely safe for the wearer as the sensors that activate the mild electric shock are on the surface of the jacket and the electric shock it gives just thwarts your attacker, not cause any grevious harm to them.
The fabric and lining is water repellent. The sensors has been embedded with the help of nanotechnology & the Fabric is completely wearable and breathable
The jacket is light, water-repellent, breathable and totally insulated for the wearer.
The fabric and lining is water repellent. The sensors has been embedded with the help of nanotechnology & the Fabric is completely wearable and breathable

Why Use Our.

We can ascertain ZEAL is just more than a simple technical garment. What works behind the product is clever use of advanced Nano-tech and computer engineering to create an all-round effective solutions.NEVER SETTLE FOR HALF MEASURES. FIND A SOLUTION. That is what the belief is behind the product. And, sadly most of the self-defense tools used by us are pedestrian and mostly ineffective. Half measures! 40% of the women who participated in our survey said they kept self-defense tools like pepper sprays, but it was also mentioned that such tools need to remain proactive at all times.

SECURITY DOES NOT MEAN BEING ON YOUR TOES ALL THE TIME. SECURITY MEANS ASSURANCE. That is what our product strives to give to customers. An interactive solution in the hostile wilderness our world is.And, when we say hostile we mean it. Look around you, and you will see the traditional measures, law and order has done only so much to alleviate the problem. Women all over the world are up in arms against the violent crimes, but they keep ever-increasing. The percentage of crime against women has seen a rise of 238% in last 10 years, globally, and almost half of the recipient of these crimes are under-age women.We know a world is hostile when vulnerability is abused in such large numbers. And, it is on us to change this scenario. ZEAL is technology made wearable. It is your second skin. It is your messenger in your time of need. It is an advantage when you are trying to protect yourself.  

Where You Can Use.

Exploring Alone

Zeal is handy when you are on exploration at unknown geographical region. It will act as extension of your senses for your safety especially when you are SOLO.

Dark Night

Zeal is a tool to enhance your ability to protect yourself while travelling at night in isolated or less crowded areas.

Forseen Situations

Zeal is a wear n go safety product works without you being proactive.