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Zeal Guard.

Category : Civilian

Textile based wearable monitoring T-shirt or strap that analyse physiological and bio-mechanical data in real-time remotely so that you can judge health status

ZEAL- A wearable jacket for the sole purpose of self-protection in case of an unwanted assault or a life threatening situation.If you ask us, ZEAL is simply a PROTECTIVE GEAR. You wear a protective gear in a chemical factory, or in a fire or any toxic environment, don’t you! Well we have for you, A protective gear which you can wear day in day out.

While the electric shock functionality gives you immediate protection, the connectivity function gets you the eventual help.We are also planning to create an area-wise connectivity system which will alert the phones with the app in nearby areas of wearer’s location.It is not just about safety.

It is about self-augmentation. When faced with a danger a person has three choices:- Fight back, Get Help, Or distract the preparator enough to run. ZEAL helps with all three. It is safe, reliable, easy to carry around and equipped with the best contemporary technology has to offer

The jacket is a three layered structure; the fabric, the lining and embedded soft sensors in between. The sensors detects any assaulting or unusual force applied on the body of the wearer. If someone grabs you, attacks or is trying to pin you, the pressure activated sensor will detect it and will ascertain the danger.

DATA ANALYSIS- A detachable hardware part receives the data from the sensors and analyzes it to ascertain the danger. The analysis is done on several parameters (by microprocessor), to ensure that the danger is real, so that the jacket does not activate itself with false alarms.

CONNECTIVITY- The most important attribute of ZEAL is that the technology inducted in it allows it connectivity with your electronic devices through an app. As soon as it detects activity, it sends out SOS messages with your location to various numbers and helplines through your phone to alert them of your situation.

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