Project ViruSheild


Textiles provide a large hosting surface area for bacteria and viruses, benefiting their carryover.
Many viruses and bacteria are pathogens that can lead to severe sickness and mortality.
Intelligent textile kills 99.9% bacteria and destroys common harmful viruses (such as influenza and coronavirus) in minutes.



French Navy


Size configuration

Custom Design.

We are now offering custom screen printing on Cloth Face Mask orders of 1,000 face masks or more. Get your business or organization set up with custom Cloth Face Masks featuring your logo. Available on bulk face mask orders of at least 1,000 masks. Please email for more information on bulk face mask order inquiries.

  • Design : Any
  • Amount :Rs 400/p
  • Delivery :A Week
Bulk Ordering.

We can fulfill orders of all sizes for customers of any kind. We are delivering masks to organizations, corporations, and government agencies to help people return to normal as safely as possible. Please email if you or your organization are interested in larger orders. You can contact us this page for more information about ordering in bulk.

  • Capability : 10000-60000
  • Amount :Rs 200/p
  • Delivery :A Week
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